Proxy 4.00

View and operate a PC on the LAN/WAN/Internet from your own PC
4.00 (See all)

Proxy is a remote-control program that lets you fully view and operate any PC on your IPX or IP LAN/WAN without leaving your office or even your PC. With Proxy, you can gain full control of any PC, for diagnosing and resolving users' computing problems, reconfiguring and rebooting devices on the network, and even monitoring such critical devices as rack-mounted processors and print servers. If you support networks at other sites, you can run Proxy over a dial-in connection you've established to a remote access server and provide required support cost effectively. The included Proxy Master lets you view and operate other PCs, while Proxy Host runs on the PC you want to command. This version adds support for file transfer, remote printing, and modem connections.

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